March 2014

Hello. I would like to start with thanks to all the teamsters and helpers who came out to the very wonderful sleigh rides. The one in Lisbon for Pine Tree Camp was a great success with people in line from 10-2 nonstop.

The Make-A-Wish sleigh rally was another success in its first tear. There were 9 teams of horses and 2 teams of minis. And after the winter we have had, you couldn’t have had a better day weather-wise! Lots of smiling faces and happy kids. It was a great time! And I would also like to thank the Ring family for the great meal they provided to the teamsters afterwards.

I would also like to congratulate all the teamsters on how they helped each other out at these events. And now it won’t be long and spring will be here with more great events to come, so get those gentle giants our and working!

And yes, I was seen driving blacks!!

Dana Seavey

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